Thursday, September 19, 2013

happenings around the shop

the XS650 build is continuing on it's slow and stead pace. problems with the stock head gasket has prompted a custom made copper head gasket. with the gasket on it's way, the build will nears completion.

m.'s CB750 had a few charging issues that were sorted out, but he was still going through batteries fast. the original builder of the bike had the wiring set up with the headlight, tail light, speedo and tach lights all on once you turn the key position to on. m.'s 3 amp/hour battery didn't stand a chance handling such a huge draw. I installed a waterproof accessory switch, so that with the key switched to the on position, the only draw are the coils and the pamco ignition (0.020 amps). With the accessory switch, all the lights can be saved for after dark.

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