Thursday, July 18, 2013

CB750 engine rebuild

for the last year, I have been picking away at my own person CB750 project. this frankenbike is a build up mostly from accumulated parts I had lying around, along with a few purchases I have made. I decided a few days back to do a full engine rebuild. the engine's primary chains were pretty sloppy, the top end was quite weepy and since I am doing a ground up bike build, I wanted peace of mind that the engine is solid.

after quickly cleaning up the head, I refaced the valves and cut new valves seats.

Once the valves were refaced, I back cut the valves with a 30 degree angle above the contact area to remove the lip and allow better flow.

100% seal on the vacuum test.

I finished the head off with a quick resurface to get a great seal with the head gasket. 

I am considering cleaning up the combustion chamber and ports a wee bit, but for now, it's onwards to the bottom end...

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