Thursday, July 18, 2013

new work rolls in

last week, M. dropped off his '72 CB750 with a small list of troublesome gremlins: a leaky shifter side cover, an exhausted charging system, and an antiquated ignition system.

the pamco ignition rotor proved to be a little troublesome on installation. this was due to too loose of a tolerance where the rotor installs on the stock advance mechanism. with some manual machining, the two parts mated up perfectly. 

( the rotor on my personal CB750. Notch is 0.160" wide)

(M.'s rotor is 0.008" narrower. too narrow for the advance weights to fit in)

also on installation, I did notice that M.'s ignition advance springs were not fully working. as they do not make the springs anymore, I'll be heading to the salvage yard this weekend to dig up a pair in better condition.

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